Hunting in Namibia

B. Fogdestam with a oryx

B. Fogdestam with a oryx

TERRA Ef arrange hunting at Donnersberg Farm about 250 kms southeast of Windhoek, about 2.5 hours’ drive from the Int. Airport of Windhoek.

Proposed time for hunting is March – October.

Maximum hunters/observers during the days of hunting will be 6 persons.

Pürch-, watch- and bowhunting is available and welcome at the farm, by the owner and hunter Mr. Kubus Prinsloo.

Donnersberg Farm is about 7500 hectares width and the population of game is varied and in high numbers. At the farm you are invited as an all inclusive guest and participate in all the work dealing with the hunting if you want to. You are welcome to participate together with the owner and the employees of the farm, in both tracking and skinning of the animals. The farm has a modern skinning- and cooling room with high standard for taking care of the meat.

Donnersberg logo and a aerial photo over the farm

Donnersberg logo and a aerial photo over the farm

There are three, 2-bed guestrooms available for the guests. The meals are served in an elegant dining room, with hunting trophies on the walls, and with a adjacent bar.

The game meat goes to the farm but it is possible to buy some kilos of it. Transport of trophies to taxidermist are included, but not the preparation and transport to Scandinavia.

Donnersberg Farm offer rifle hire, 25€/day, ammunition 2€/bullet, which will simplify handling of weapons from Scandinavia. If someone wants to use their own rifle, it will be handled and administrated at the airports by the owner him- or herself.

In case you want to use your own rifle, it should be prepared for 200 meters shot with big-game ammunition.

Test shooting will take place at the farm before hunting, and all hunting follows Scandinavian rules, within security and ethics.

All rates are about 60 % of most commercial hunting farms in Namibia.

The hunting rates include: Full board (all meals), soft drinks and limited alcoholic drinks, accommodation, laundry, hunting guide, hunting vehicle, fuel, trackers and skinners, transport of trophies to taxidermist, hunting permits and VAT, NTB levies.

Ordering hunting at Donnersberg Farm, inclusive flight tickets will be handled by TERRA Ef, Birger Fogdestam, or call +46 (0)70-527 91 40

Hunting at Donnersberg Farm can be combined with other arrangements in Namibia such as photo safari, culture and nature excursion etc.

Ask for proposal.